Session 1: Having the Right Mindset
This session will help you to lay the foundation for having the right thinking for starting a private practice. You will be able to identify any fears, examine your believe systems, identify obstacles, and envision the type of practice that you desire.

Session 2: Starting the Business (Part I)
This session will help you to look at the identifying your business name, identifying a location, legal issues, financial issues, business resources, and policies and procedures needed for the practice.

Session 3: Starting the Business (Part II)
This session will continue to focus on establishing the business. This session will discuss State, City, and County taxes. Policies and Procedures needed for the business will also be discussed.

Session 4: Managed Care (Using Insurance) vs. Out of Pocket
This Session focuses on the pros and cons of using managed care vs. launching an all cash pay practice. . Some topics to be addressed for managed care include paneling with insurance companies, billing processes, tracking payments received, and billing resources needed. Cashing paying practice include how to set appropriate fees, diversifying services, and offering specialized programs to build clientele.

Session 5: Finances
This session will focus on having a financial vision, budgeting, maintaining your books, tracking expenses, payroll, and other financial matters in running a business.

Session 6: Marketing
This session will focus on developing a marketing plan, developing a website and using social media, networking, and use of search engines to market the business.

Session 7: Reducing Liability
This session will focus on how to put policies and procedures in place to reduce liability. It will discuss issues such as using the appropriate forms needed for the business, liability insurance, staff supervision, and consultant agreements.

Session 8: Wrap-Up
This session will focus on how to implement what has been learned to run your private practice. It will help you to identify other support systems needed to ensure success. The session will also wrap up what has been taught.